I'm Jakub Ziebikiewicz, React and Node.js developer with four years of experience. I help people make their ideas alive.

Currently focused on learning Flutter ⚡ (amazing mobile apps, I'm coming!)

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AAdding update button to Gatsby app

03/28/20202 Min Read — In React, Gatsby, PWA

When using Gatsby.js to create an app, you probably use gatsby-plugin-offline and service worker to get features like offline mode or "Add to home screen" notification. It's great but you may…

RRemoving node_modules recursively

11/08/20191 Min Read — In Tips

When you use npm packages, they're saved into node_modules directory. You end up with a huge directory containing all the dependencies which may contain thousands of files. What if you work on…

HHow to run Express.js API on ZEIT Now?

06/01/20192 Min Read — In Node.js

Let's run Node server using ZEIT's Now! There are a couple of options to host any Node.js API. You can go with own VPS and use PM2 to manage processes, use Docker or host it at Heroku and many more…